Casa Santa Anna - St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

Located in the historic district of Charlotte Amalie, you are cordially invited to step back in time and take a tour of a house that was once owned by the notorious Mexican General Santa Anna of Alamo fame. 
A charming Caribbean Bed and Breakfast? Live/work spaces for the creative class?  
You may even want to reclaim it's first purpose, simply as a grand family home.
An architect's rendering of Casa Santa Anna as it appears in the book, Snegle Gade 6 can be reached by making a left turn on Back Street at the corner of Store Tvaer Gade and walking up the small hill. Snegle Gade 6 was owned by two exiled generals at different periods: The Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna of Alamo fame from 1861 – 1869 and General Vilbrun Guillaume Sam (Simon Sam), one-time president of Haiti, for a short time in 1912.
This large two and a half story building located on the northern corner of Snegle and Store Tvaer Gade faces south. The house constructed of rubble masonry covered with plaster, is a masterpiece of ornamentation.  There are quoins at each corner, and a molded belt course between each floor.  All windows and doors have wide decorative enframements, jalousies and outer shutters.  A projecting cornice with cove moldings and a dentil course emphasize the roof line and is crowned by a parapet with thirty-two posts and arched openings.  The porch, with its elaborate cast iron rail and intricately carved wooden valence was added after 1837.
The main entrance to the house is through an arched gate at the eastern boundary.  A statue, probably of the previous owner, sits on the top of the gate.   In the back to the east is a tower once used as a bathroom.  This tower, one of the most outstanding features of the structure, has a decorative band of denticulation along the top.  Another interesting feature of the house is an inlaid design in the form of a sundial on the living room floor.  Once the entire building was used as an elegant home. Today, however, only the third floor is a residence.  The second floor is a meeting room for the Christian Science Society of St. Thomas and the first floor is a place of business.  The house is still in good condition.
The property was acquired by the heirs of Bartholmey German from the Danish Government in 1804 and from that time until 1876 it had six different owners. In 1876 it was purchased by Oscar French and is now owned by his relatives, the Barentzen family.
The above is an excerpt taken from the book: The 3 Quarters of the Town of Charlotte Amalie
By Edith DeJongh Woods
Published by Mapes Monde Editore, London, Rome, St. Thomas, 1989, Pg.70
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